How to Host a Zoom Meeting

Submitted by D2D on Tue, 05/19/2020 - 19:27

Zoom has, over the past several weeks, buttoned up the default security settings and generally cleaned up their act.  If you follow some fairly simple precautions, it is safe to hold a meeting using Zoom.  "Zoom bombing" (interlopers posting offensive or otherwise distracting pictures or otherwise disrupting the meeting) can be avoided by making sure that the default settings have not been changed.

With that in mind, this is what you need to do to host a zoom meeting.

Schedule the meeting in advance:

  1. In your favorite browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari – IE is not recommended because it is no longer supported). Go to the website
  2. Sign in with your username and password.
  3. DO NOT click or hover your cursor over “Host a Meeting” in the top right corner.  This will immediately start a meeting, and you won’t have the opportunity to change the settings for the meeting.
  4. Click “Meetings” in the left sidebar.
  5. Click “Schedule a New Meeting”.
  6. Give the meeting a title.
  7. Set the time and date, duration and Time Zone for the meeting.
  8. You can require registration for your meeting, but that will impose some restrictions.
  9. DO NOT under any circumstances select:  Personal Meeting ID.  This is an invitation to Zoom bombing and is hard to reverse.
  10. Accept the defaults for the video and audio settings.
  11. The meeting options are mostly self-explanatory.  If the meeting is fairly large, you should enable the waiting room, which will require that each participant be admitted to the meeting.
  12. Admitting participants can quickly become unwieldy.  If the meeting is more than 20 or so, it would be a good idea to designate one or more alternative hosts.
  13. The other settings you can take the defaults or not, depending on what you are trying to do.
  14. Recording the meeting should only be done with the knowledge of all participants, and only done for something ceremonial (wedding, 100th birthday, 75th anniversary) where some of the participants may want the recording a memento.
  15. Click Save.

Once the meeting is scheduled, you need to invite the participants.

  1. Click “Copy Invitation” on the right side of the screen.
  2. Click the “Copy Meeting Invitation” button.
  3. Paste the invitation into an email.
  4. Edit the email as needed
    1. Adding a space after each link in the email will turn them blue, indicating that they are clickable.
  5. Send the email to the participants.


To start the meeting:

  1. In your browser – the same one you used to schedule the meeting. Go to
  2. Log in or click my account.
  3.  Edit the host name to be whoever is hosting the meeting.
  4. Click “Meetings” in the left sidebar.
  5. Admit people as they arrive.
  6. Greet everyone as they are admitted.
  7. Smile a lot.


A final word of caution, DO NOT share the link to the meeting on an open Social Media account.  If your Facebook account is closed and well controlled, you might get away with that, but a public posting of the link is an invitation to Zoom bombers.


For more tips on keeping your Zoom meetings secure see these 2 articles from Consumer reports:




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